Welcome to the start of meteorological winter!

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--December 1st marks the start of meteorological winter even though it's felt like it for some time now.  Plus there's the fact we already received more than a foot of snow since October! 

Looking ahead to the coming month, you can see our average high drops from 38 to 29 degrees.  Also, on average, we receive more than 10.5 inches of snow during the month.  For what it's worth, by the end of the month, our sunset time is at 4:26 pm compared to 4:18 at the beginning of the month.  However, the sunrise time is at 7:03 am to start the month and 7:23 am on December 1st.

You might recall, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center stated we would have "average" temperatures with "above average" precipitation.  It's interesting to point out there's not a clear El Nino or La Nina pattern this winter, meaning we have greater room for greater extremes according to forecasters.  By the way, winter officially starts on December 21st at 10:19 pm.

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