Wedding Proposal Among the Dinosaurs at the Milwaukee Public Museum

First it was the nod. Then the embrace.

It quickly became year that a young woman had just said yes to a marriage proposal in the dinosaur exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

In fact MPM prides itself on custom proposals where couples can put the artifacts of their relationship on display.

"So many people feel that this is a really special place," explained Hillary Olson of the museum.  "We'll actually put items from their life in cases. Today we're actually highlighting a poem."

The poem was written by the groom to be Aaron Sporer. 

It's written to his love, Elm Grove native Claire Palmer.

The two met at the Air Force Academy.

Sporer used the visit with family as a cover to pop the question among the dinosaurs that so fascinated his love when she was a child growing up in the Milwaukee area.

"When I first glanced at it  (the poem) I saw my name in the bottom," recalled Palmer. "At first it didn't registered. I realized quickly when I was compared to a t-Rex that something was a little different."

Family was on hand, emerging for the shadows when the answer became clear.

They had known about it for months.

All that planning then  culminated in mere seconds  with a heartfelt proposal and one "dinomite" start to a new life together.

"I thought she might suspect something when I was like let's get to the next floor," said Sporer.

"But I didn't," added Palmer.

"No she didn't," chucked Sporer. "So that's a good thing."

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