'We weren't ready for this': Man killed in downtown Kenosha, 3 others hurt

NOW: ’We weren’t ready for this’: Man killed in downtown Kenosha, 3 others hurt

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- One man shot and killed and three others hurt in downtown Kenosha Sunday, Nov. 7. 

Susanne Norris was on her way home from the gas station around 2 a.m. Sunday morning when she heard gunshots. 

"I recorded the gunshots. There were a lot of them and then I drove off because I didn't know if the shooter was coming my way."

Kenosha police say the gunshots came from the area of 6th Avenue and 57th Street. Police were already aware of a concert at the Vault Banquet Hall & Event Venue.

Police say officers were at the scene within one minute and could see muzzle flashes from multiple locations. More than 70 rounds of fired ammunition was found at the scene. Due to the size of the crowd and the "chaotic scene," police called in help from several law enforcement agencies to maintain control. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Marquis Wallace Sr. was caught in the crossfire.

"We weren't ready for this," DaJanay Young said. She is Wallace's sister. 

Young went to the scene and found her brother dead in the parking lot.

"I know my brother a mile away from the back of his head, the way he walks, I know it was my brother, I didn't need no one to confirm it, Young said. "People don't understand that they just took my heart out my chest because that was my best friend."

She describes Wallace as joyful and someone you could always depend on. 

"He loved his cars, he loved his children, he loved his family. He wanted to make a better environment for the people he loved."

Kenosha police say this is a very complex investigation. They are working to put the pieces together. The Vault has canceled all live events for the foreseeable future.

Wallace's family has set up a gofundme page.

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