'We sanitize everything': Local bars, restaurants prepare for Super Bowl Sunday events

NOW: ’We sanitize everything’: Local bars, restaurants prepare for Super Bowl Sunday events

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Green Bay Packers may have lost, but the Super Bowl must go on.

The parties and gatherings will be different this year, but there are ways to celebrate safely.

Super Bowl Sundays were vastly different in the past at the Milwaukee Brat House.

"Both floors would be open. The beer garden would be open. Yea, it would be chaos in here – which is how we like it," bartender Max McHone said.

Their Old World Third location will have to juggle entertaining guests with COVID-19 guidelines on Sunday, Feb. 7.

In the city, bars and restaurants must comply with approved Milwaukee Health Department plans, otherwise capacity is capped at 25%.

At Leff’s Lucky Town in Wauwatosa they’re asking guests to wear masks, unless seated.

"We have all of our tables spaced apart, six feet, at least. We all wear masks," shift manager Sadie Keelan said.

They’re also offering outdoor space.

"Out here it’s the same as inside," she explained. "We sanitize everything, we keep people spread apart.”

UW Health Chief Quality Control Manager Dr. Jeff Pothof said being outside is a safer option.

But he added that there’s no way to completely protect yourself at these gatherings.

He suggests hosting a virtual party instead.

"We upped the ante, a little bit, because most parties like this do involve eating and drinking so now there’s the removal of the masks, which increases risk," said Pothof.

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