'We miss you!': West Bend teachers hold parade for students

’We miss you!’: West Bend teachers hold parade for students

WEST BEND (CBS 58) -- Before the long line of vehicles winding through West Bend Monday were visible, they were heard. 

The drivers in them were honking to let people know they were coming. 

Kids standing on sidewalks and in parking lots perked up, they knew what this meant. 

Their teachers had planned something special. 

Like so many, the isolation was starting to get lonely for them, and they wanted to give students, parents, and fellow teachers something to look forward to. 

Outside Silverbrook Intermediate School, an estimated sixty vehicles lined up. Most of the vehicles had signs taped to them with messages like, "We miss you!" or "Stay Healthy."

Those vehicles, with their messages on them, and teachers inside them, headed out for a very special parade. 

The route was planned to get to as many kids as they could. 

Kids shouted out their teachers names as they drove by, teachers shouted right back. 

One mom standing by her daughter told CBS 58 she couldn't talk about it, because it would make her cry. 

In this time of uncertainty, the familiar faces brought joy and hope, and with their messages of "Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!," another important reminder, "Keep Smiling!"

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