'We have increased our patrols:' Wauwatosa mayor says mall security, police officers will ensure customers can shop safely

NOW: ’We have increased our patrols:’ Wauwatosa mayor says mall security, police officers will ensure customers can shop safely

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS58)--The search for the Mayfair Mall accused shooter has come to an end. Employees are back to work and Wauwatosa Police say they have added more security.

 CBS 58 was not allowed to bring a camera inside the mall. CBS 58's Winnie Dortch used her cellphone to record what Mayfair Mall looks like just two days after the shooting. Several stores on the first floor were closed.

“It’s definitely a dead atmosphere at this point," Nova Powers said. He works at a store inside the mall. He says foot traffic may be a little slow this week.

“I think people are definitely iffy whether they should even come to the mall.” 

CBS 58 noticed several security guards walking back and forth. There was a police officer watching from the second floor.

“We have increased our patrols, also with the holiday season that naturally brings more officers to the mall.” Abby Pavlik said. She is the Public Information Officer for the Wauwatosa Police Department, 

Powers says he’s hoping the trend of more officers goes past the holiday season because Friday’s shooting rocked the community.

“I am definitely on edge.”

Mayor Dennis McBride says the shooting should not discourage customers from shopping.

“We live in a society where there are a lot of guns, with a lot of people who act impulsively and stupidly and this could have happened anywhere,"he said. 

He says Mayfair Mall has always been a hot spot for shoppers. He doesn’t expect that to change.

“There will be a lot of people there and they are going to be happily shopping and they are going to be safe because the mall security will make sure that’s true and our good police officers will make sure as well.”

 Mayfair Mall has a strict no gun policy. McBride says people should comply with rules to prevent incidents like Friday's shooting. 

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