"We have a massive cover up:" Activist groups say Health Commissioner's resignation isn't enough

NOW: “We have a massive cover up:“ Activist groups say Health Commissioner’s resignation isn’t enough

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Environmental and community groups gathered today to call on the City of Milwaukee to do more about potentially dangerous lead water service lines.

This comes a week after learning of Health Commissioner Bevan Baker’s resignation.

Strong accusations were made by local water and activist groups Tuesday, saying there are still serious lead problems facing the city and Bevan Baker’s resignation is not enough.

Freshwater for Life Action Coalition, the NAACP, and community members called for Mayor Barrett to take action on the issue or step down. FLAC says they’ve sent numerous letters to Barrett’s office asking him to do more, but they say they haven’t gotten any responses.

Former Commissioner Baker resigned last week after the city learned that 8,000 families may not have been notified by the Health Department that their kids tested positive for elevated lead levels.

“The removal of Commissioner Bevan Baker is not the end all be all. It's not even the peak of the iceberg here. We have a massive cover up in the city regarding the lead in our water,” said FLAC spokesperson Robert Miranda.

Below is a statement from the Mayor’s Office:  

“Mayor Barrett continues to take the health and safety of Milwaukee residents seriously. Decisions are made based on data and science provided and the resources available.”

Alderman Donovan says the issue will be addressed during a private Steering and Rules Committee meeting Wednesday.

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