'We Got This' wraps up 6th season near 9th and Ring

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The 6th season of 'We Got This' wrapped up on Saturday.

It's a community beautification and improvement program near 9th and Ring in Milwaukee.

Artist and Activist Andre Lee Ellis and his wife Angela adopted an abandoned community garden next to their house at 9th and Ring, making it an informal meeting place for the community.

Young men and boys can get paid for working in the garden and cleaning up the community -- all while being taught a sense of responsibility and the value of work.

"We've never had one issue, one problem, these are just some of the recipients of the program some of them have been with us for years we clean in the neighborhood, do mentoring, how to grow their own food, grow their lives," said Ellis.

The program runs between June and August each year. 

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