We Energies proposes 2015-2016 rate increase

Higher rates for everyone and higher fees for people who are producing their own solar power.

Here's how it all breaks down. There are two parts to your energy bill. The first part is how much energy you use. The second is what's called a facilities charge.

\"The facility charge is how much it cost us to deliver energy to your home,\" said We Energies Spokesperson Cathy Schulze. The facility charge is going up from 9 dollars to 16 dollars a month.

The facility charge is going up, but the energy part of your bill is going down. Basically, that's about a $4.50 monthly rate increase. However, that amount could change based on how much energy you use.

The Public Service Commission will decide whether or not We Energies has the right to increase their rates. They hope to have a decision by the end of the year.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.

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