We Energies on standby for possible outages from overnight storms after damages earlier in the day

NOW: We Energies on standby for possible outages from overnight storms after damages earlier in the day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Various crews attacked trees falling on homes and power outages over the Tuesday afternoon in Milwaukee before starting to look ahead at the next possible round of storms.

Crews at We Energies are on standby for possible storms later as crews take care of what the storms left behind Tuesday afternoon.

"It was like very shocking to see like a whole, like, massive tree fell down from this, like, right next to us, basically."

Muhammad Hanifkhan was at home with his family when a tree fell on his neighbors' house, and just down the block another tree fell on a home as well.

"I couldn't say anything, I was like 'whoa,'" said Muhammad.

As city crews tackled the falling trees, We Energies officials said they're getting ready for that next potential round of storms.

"You have some staff on standby because we know that weather could move through again [Tuesday night], causing some more power outages, so we just want to be prepared to make sure that we can address those power outages, if they occur," said We Energies spokesperson Amy Jahns.

While in the afternoon those storms left 10,000 some customers without power on the north side of Milwaukee and surrounding areas, they're keeping their eyes elsewhere overnight.

"We're keeping a close eye on our southern part of our system this evening, Racine and Kenosha counties, where more lines of storms are coming through. So we're really keeping an eye all over Southeastern Wisconsin to make sure that we address any issues," said Jahns.

She said as with the storms earlier this month, they're also looking to improve the process of getting people's lights back on.

"Any storm that we have, we learn from it and we want to take away things that we can do even better then, next time," said Jahns.

She said if you're without power to give them a call or report it on their app, and wanted to remind people to stay at least 25 feet away from downed lines.

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