'We are going to have a ball': DJ Jazzy Jeff ready to take the stage for Summerfest

NOW: ’We are going to have a ball’: DJ Jazzy Jeff ready to take the stage for Summerfest

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- He's a GRAMMY Award-winning deejay who's spun all across the world. DJ Jazzy Jeff will be at Summerfest Thursday, Sept. 9. He told CBS 58's Kim Shine he's ready to introduce people to new vibes.

"I used to always make a statement that a great night out isn't about the music you know, it's about the unexpected music that someone played that sparks a memory or something," said Jazzy Jeff.

And that's why he loves what he does.

Whether it's in the virtual space or a live event he says he still gets that energy from fans.

He's excited to spin at Summerfest because, to him, it's is a music-lover's playground.

"I kind of think that's how the music experience should be because that's how it is in real life," he said. "The funny thing that I realized the only people that play music in playlists are artists. Most people play random. So, if you've got a Garth Brooks record, you've got a Nas record, you've got an Anita Baker record you're going to hear Garth Brooks, Nas and Anita Baker. It doesn't have to make sense. It's your taste."

Jazzy Jeff's decision to stop at Summerfest this year was easy, especially during the pandemic.

"Listen, it's outside," he laughed. "That was a very big key because I have not really been taking dates since all of the craziness kind of started, and when I started I wanted to make sure they were outdoor dates."

For him, health and safety comes first.

Jeff says he'd gotten sick last March, early in the pandemic, after attending an event and was eventually diagnosed with double pneumonia.

Since then, he's gotten back to the music and has done countless virtual events, including some in Milwaukee.

He says the pandemic also means he gets to play music outside of Top-40 radio or the average club setting.

And that means a good time for Summerfest fans.

"Listen, we are just going to have a ball. I enjoy playing music to make people feel good. Like, that's the reason I got into it in the first place. The first DJ that I've ever seen while everybody was looking at the girls I was looking at him like he's the pied piper. Whatever he's playing people are enjoying it, throwing their hands in the air and their screaming and I was like, 'yo, how can I have that impact on people? How can I make people's day through music, you know? So that's pretty much the reason why I do it."

Jazzy Jeff also talked about his friendship with actor, Will Smith. Smith has a massive social media presence, and posts many of his entertaining antics on Instagram.

Jeff has made some guest appearances on Smith's account, but he says social media was made for the actor.

"Because he took a long time to get on social media. He wouldn't be on social media, got on and became the biggest thing in the world in social media. It's made for him because that's Will 24-hours a day. He's always entertaining, he's very introspective and has a lot of really good stuff to share with people and I love the balance."

If you can't catch Jeff at Summerfest, you can stream his Magnificent House Party.

He told CBS 58 he is launching a new subscription service for fans on Saturday.

"Find a room in your house, or apartment, that you can move the furniture to the side, create your own dance floor. You need to set your bar area up, you need to make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean and put me on the big TV and let's rock out all winter."

DJ Jazzy Jeff will spin at Summerfest on the Generac Power Stage at 4:00 p.m.

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