Wauwatosa Still Educating on Back-In Angle Parking

Wauwatosa Village has a new parking layout, and some of the spots require people to back-in at an angle. 

The city says it will be safer for bikers who will use the newly painted bike lanes. 

David Jaeckels, the city's community construction liaison, explained, "There's a dedicated bike lane on the other side of the yellow line coming up the hill, and that's the reason that it is much safer for cars to face forward so you can see if there's anybody coming up the hill."

The new spaces are along Harwood and Underwood Avenues in the Wauwatosa Village business district.

Jaeckles says people are still getting used to the new style of parking in that area, and says the city will install new signs to help guide people on where they should back-in to a space.

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