Wauwatosa elects city's first Black alderperson to Common Council

NOW: Wauwatosa elects city’s first Black alderperson to Common Council

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A historic election outcome in Wauwatosa Tuesday night -- for the first time, voters have elected a person of color to the Common Council. 

Margaret Arney ran unopposed for District 2 alderperson. 

The graduate of Rufus King High School and Harvard University currently serves as president of the Wauwatosa Neighborhood Association Council. She spoke with us earlier Tuesday night.

"It sends 'the future is now,' you know? We are who we've been waiting for. Time to step up and embrace the values and the reality we're in," said Arney. 

Arney could also be joined on the council by Sean Lowe, who's running in District 5, and John Larry who's running in District 8.

In its 125-year history, the Wauwatosa Common Council has never had a person of color elected alderperson.

After Tuesday night, there could be three.

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