Waukesha's Plan to Pump Water from Lake Michigan Gets an Official Name

Waukesha's plan to pump water from Lake Michigan now has an official name - The Great Water Alliance.

The branding campaign aims to put all communities involved on the same page. 

Waukesha city officials say this morning's announcement is another milestone in bringing water from Lake Michigan to the city.

The new brand was announced by Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak before more than 100 city officials at a celebrate Waukesha breakfast at the Tuscan Hall Banquet Center.

The new brand comes with a new logo and website meant to incorporate the 7 communities who will be impacted by the project.

The website will act as a liaison for anyone wanting play by play of  what's happening in the project's  process.

"We came up with the great water alliance to show that we are an alliance of all these communities working together to accomplish the take of providing safe water and protect the great lakes from the long term,” said Dan Duchniak, Waukesha Water Utility.

The project is still a few years from being completed.

City officials don't expect construction to begin until 2020.

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