Waukesha's "5 Joints @ 5 Points" serves up food & experience for inspired chefs

NOW: Waukesha’s “5 Joints @ 5 Points“ serves up food & experience for inspired chefs

Waukesha (CBS 58)--When finished, a brand new eatery in Waukesha will feature five different cuisines cooked by five different chefs. Currently, one spot is already open, 5JointsBBQ with a vegan option soon on its way.  The plan is to have Tex Mex and Italian style foods in place by summer.  Basically, one giant kitchen will be divided up into five different work stations.  Project developer, Terence Williams, says the concept will operate like a quasi-cooperative. There's also a 6-thousand square foot area on the second floor being turned into office, conference, and teaching spaces for chefs. 

Chefs, or cooks, interested in being a part of "5 Joints @ 5 Points" should send an email to [email protected] or call Williams directly at 262-225-0605.

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