Waukesha Woman's Car Stolen While Dog Sitter Watches Home

A Waukesha resident hires a dog sitter to care for her home and pets, only to find her belongings stolen.

Sheena Menzel says her Waukesha home was cleaned out.

"We really thought we could trust her."

Menzel says it all started after she hired a dog sitter highly recommended in her neighborhood and went out of town.

Sheena Menzel says, "With pets you can't always kennel them. We've got two little 7 pound yorkies that would have a heart attack if they're put in a kennel."

But Menzel says her vacation away quickly became stressful. 

"The day before we got back she text me saying our car was stolen and she forgot and left our garage open over night, woke up and our car was gone."

Waukesha Police say they began to suspect the sitter and some men she was associated with. Reports show the dog sitter's story changed several times before she admitted to letting a man into her home while she went shopping. The Menzel's say they had more than their car stolen-- they also had a gun stolen, as well as her grandmother's ring that was passed down in the family.

"I just want the truth and how it happened, why, and where the stuff is. I don't want all the jewelry back but I do want my grandma's ring back."

She hopes her story will be a caution to others who let a stranger into their home.

"Just because someone gets a good reference and will talk to you face to face and they look trust worthy, doesn't mean they are."

Waukesha Police say they're still investigating. 

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