Waukesha Water Plan May Be in Jeopardy

The plan to start bringing in water from Lake Michigan may be in jeopardy and now the city is looking for a possible alternative.

After years of working on a plan to bring Lake Michigan water to Waukesha a final decision could be just months away.

City officials told CBS 58 they are confident they have checked all the boxes and meet the requirements for Great Lakes water.

The city is looking for a long term solution to meet a court ordered requirement to improve water quality by mid-2018.

Officials said pumping and replacing $10.1 million gallons of Lake Michigan water a day is that option.

A group of eight US governors need to approve the plan before it becomes reality.

If that doesn't happen the city has a back-up plan to build new wells, but Waukesha's mayor tells me it's more like an expensive band-aid for the problem.

"Plan b isn't really a solution… it's what we would do if Great Lakes water is not approved. What makes it worse is that the cost of installing water mains… pumps…  getting the land for it."

Of leaders will make an announcement in April there are public hearings set up for next month…

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