Waukesha Water Diversion Plan is Approved, What Happens Now?

10 Great Lakes States got together on Tuesday to give their final say on Waukesha's request.

After some changes over the last month, all 10 states involved in the Great Lakes Compact Council voted yes on the plan.

This means Waukesha will be allowed to go forward with its plan to pump, use, clean and return Lake Michigan water.

Wwaukesha is the first community to earn approval of Great Lakes Water Diversion under the Great Lakes Compact Council.

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Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly said despite opposition to plan he feels his city put together a rock solid proposal that met all the requirements.”

“The reason I ran for mayor is to get water for the city of Waukesha to get great lakes water for the city of Waukesha. I did not see any other option for the city of Waukesha,” said Reilly.

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After tours and hours of discussion, members of the compact council agreed despite a push to deny the proposal.

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"There's no question every jurisdiction had political pressure. But the compact doesn't allow for a political decision. The compact is technical criteria that must be met,” said Reilly.

Reilly said the next step is working on building a pipeline through Oak Creek, to pull water from the lake and return pipe to the root river.

Until that's done he said Waukesha will continue using its deep wells.

For now people in Waukesha won't see anything change.

In the city of Waukesha, people rely on groundwater wells contaminated with radium. Though they know it'll take some time-some of the people we spoke with are ecstatic about today's vote.   

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