UPDATE: Waukesha man claiming to be Jesus arrested for breaking windows and graffiti

UPDATE: Waukesha man claiming to be Jesus arrested for breaking windows and graffiti

UPDATE: Police have released 9-1-1 audio following charges against a Waukesha man accused of causing damage to multiple properties. 

Caleb Kawatski, 31, is facing two felonies for smashing windows and vandalizing a business with a permanent marker. 

A witness recorded the entire thing on their cellphone. Police were called to the Edward Jones Building on West Broadway in Waukesha on November after they say Kawatski smashed the front window with a golf club. 

Kawatski is also accused of writing "Christ has risen" in red marker on a nearby restaurant. 

Officers later discovered Kawatski destroyed his West Main Street apartment as well, having broken doors and writing disturbing messages on the walls. 

In all, authorities say Kawatski caused $8,000 in damage. 


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha man has been charged with causing damage to multiple properties. 31-year-old Caleb Kawatski has been charged with two counts of felony criminal damage to property, one count of criminal damage property, one count of resisting an officer and one count of disorderly conduct.

On Friday, November 10 someone called 911 around 3:50 a.m. because they heard glass breaking near Hannon's Bar in Waukesha on Broadway Avenue. A second caller said they saw someone walking around with a bat breaking things downtown.

When police arrived they found the suspect and asked him why he was breaking windows. The man told police that he was Jesus and the building was a Free Mason building. Kawatski refused to be handcuffed so officers hit him in the knee until they were able to get him under control and put him in handcuffs. 

While the suspect was taken in for booking he made numerous references that he was Jesus and had been able to break through three panes of bullet-proof glass. Kawatski was singing gospel music during his drive to the jail and bragging about the number of windows he broke. He had 50 to 60 Sharpie markers in his backpack and pockets.

One of the 911 callers said she saw the man walking around with a large metal pole in front of the Edward Jones building and smashing the glass on the windows. 

Graffiti had been written on the door to a business with the writing "He has Risen." Other markings had the writings of Jesus and arrows. More graffiti was found in an apartment building with Bible verses and references to the devil written on the doors to apartments. 

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