Waukesha Man Charged with Vehicular Homicide

NOW: Waukesha Man Charged with Vehicular Homicide

A Waukesha man is charged with homicide after a fatal rollover on Highway 16 last May.

The two-car crash left a 76-year-old man dead and injured his two grandchildren. Some drivers may remember the crash, westbound lanes of Highway 16 were shut down as crews cleaned up the accident and reconstructed the crash.

The victims were in a white Dodge Ram truck, and Andrew Mussomeli drove a Maroon Ford Focus. 

Several witnesses say Mussomeli was driving between 80 and 90 miles an hour. They tell police Mussomeli recklessly passed people and moved to the shoulder and grassy ditch to do so.

When Mussomeli tried getting back onto the highway, he struck the Dodge truck, sending it airborne, and then rolling.

The grandfather was flown to the hospital, and pronounced dead. The two grandchildren were brought to Children's Hospital, and are regularly seeing a chiropractor for injuries from the crash. 

Mussomeli's lawyer is out of town, so he represented himself today as the court set bail.

Mussomeli signed a $25,000 signature bond. He'll also be subject to random drug screenings before appearing in court again on February 13th.

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