Waukesha independent living facility spreads messages of hope with colorful window art

NOW: Waukesha independent living facility spreads messages of hope with colorful window art

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Seniors at an assisted and independent living facility in Waukesha are spreading positive messages through an art project during the shelter in place order due to COVID-19. 

About 15 residents at Avalon Square created impressive window artwork that they hope is inspires everyone during this difficult time. 

"My son comes in between the two doors so I can talk to him. It’s emotional,” said Kay Yoder, a resident at Avalon Square. 

For residents like Kay Yoder, life can be tough during the safer at home order. Those feeling inspired staff to organize the window painting project. It's a project that inspired Catherine Kearn to pick up an old hobby again. 

"I love to paint especially on glass and it got me motivated to pick up my paints again. I hadn’t painted for a while," Catherine Kearn, a resident at Avalon Square, said.

For other residents like Bob Winchell, who says he doesn't consider himself artistic, had a fun time with the project. 

"This was sort of a stay-in-the-lines deal. Kind of like being in the second grade," said Bob Winchell, a resident at Avalon Square. 

The glass windows are filled with inspiring, colorful messages. 

"The message of hope and faith is what we hope is happening the world over," Winchell said. 

Mary Crown, another resident, echoed that message. 

"We hope we can get through this virus safely," said Kearn. 

Yoder says when people see their window artwork, she hopes they learn something important about the residents. 

"That we're happy. That's we're busy. That we're safe," said Yoder. 

Avalon Square has not had any positive COVID-19 cases and the staff is taking several safety precautions. 

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