Waukesha highway standoff skips bail hearing after cutting off GPS bracelet

NOW: Waukesha highway standoff skips bail hearing after cutting off GPS bracelet

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The woman charged in connection with a chase and hours-long standoff that blocked traffic on I-94 near Oconomowoc in early June cut off her GPS bracelet Tuesday. 

Kalin Sunde did not show up for her bail hearing Wednesday morning at the Waukesha County courthouse, but her attorney was there. 

She is charged with six felonies, including one for stabbing a K9 officer during the standoff. 

Her attorney said the last time he spoke with her was Monday morning by text, and he expected her to show up today.

Someone posted $100,000 bond for her earlier in August, but on Monday morning she cut off her GPS monitor in Milwaukee near 30th and Galena.

Police searched for her, but she has not been located. She has not complied with her drug screening or paid the fees for the GPS monitor since her release on bail.

In court Wednesday, a judge said there will still be a warrant out for Sunde, and her next court appearance is temporarily on hold until she turns herself in or is arrested. 

Her attorney, Ben Van Severen, had a message for Sunde after he left the courtroom Wednesday morning.

"I'd ask her to contact me, number one," said Van Severen. "Right now I'm probably the only friend she has, so the best thing for her would be for her to contact me or turn herself into the Sheriff's Department so that we can move this along. The longer she is on the run, the worse it's going to be for her."

Sunde did not show up to her court appearance in Milwaukee County on Monday either on unrelated drug charges. She has a court appearance in Fond du Lac County later in the week on drug charges as well.

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