Hardware store busy 'every minute, every day' ahead of first big snowstorm; plow companies prepare

NOW: Hardware store busy ’every minute, every day’ ahead of first big snowstorm; plow companies prepare

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- With the first big snow storm of the year, shovels are flying off the shelves and snow removal services are preparing for their plows to leave the garages.

Three trucks with a total of seven employees will head out from Paul Terry’s Services in Waukesha around 3 or 4 a.m. Wednesday. They plow a mix of commercial and residential lots.

"I'll go out, pre-salt and then come home, get some sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and back at it in the morning," said owner Paul Terry.

Terry said like everything else this year, it’s been a strange winter.

"Usually we got maybe 12 inches of snow on the ground by now. And we have nothing," he said.

But that will change Tuesday evening. Alex Knight, store manager of TNT Ace Hardware in Waukesha, said there’s been a mad dash to prepare.

"The last three days have been astronomical. We've been busy every minute, every day. People are coming home from work so it's 6 o'clock at night (and) we still got plenty of people coming in the store, just selling snow blower, salt," Knight said.

Customers came to the store looking for sleds and more practical tools to use for the first real snowfall.

"I’m glad we’re getting some (snow). I’m just not excited to drive in it," said customer Jessica Busalacchi.

The store has been busy selling and repairing snow blowers, as this will be the first time people have to clear their driveways all winter.

"Your snow blowers, your gas, your salt and your shovel -- if you have that ready, you can make it through winter," Knight said.

Also Terry wants to remind people to help those clearing off parking lots and roads.

"If they can just look out for the snowplow drivers -- When we're on a lot backing up, we really can't see you," Terry said.

Terry said his employees have their temperatures taken when they come in. They keep their distance and mask up.

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