Waukesha Council debates new alcohol ordinance

 A plan brewing to fight the battle against underage drinking in the city of Waukesha that could leave you responsible. Alderman Steve Johnson is calling this possible ordinance an upgrade to the current law, which tickets adults who provide alcohol for minors at parties. 

The ordinance discussed today would hold any adult accountable who hosts a party where minors are served alcohol, regardless of whether they provide the booze. 

The ordinance defines host as all adults who provide a space for minors to drink including landlords of rental properties and colleges who have dorms who may have no idea parties are even being held. 

But according to Johnson, even if landlords have screened their tenants,the work doesn't stop there. He says ticketing property owners for these parties will make sure they don't happen again. 

\"They have to do a better job of screening or they can get the money from the people that caused the issue. It's their property, they have to be responsible for their property,\" said Johnson. 

And talk about punishment. Fines could be up to five thousand dollars. Officials say having a large fine will force owners to pay attention.

Today was just a discussion of the ordinance--council members have been advised by the city attorney to do their research and explore if they think the bill would help curb underage drinking in Waukesha. 

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