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Water leaks into gas supply at Milwaukee gas station, some stuck with hefty repair bills

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Some drivers are stuck with big bills to pay after they filled up at a gas station in Milwaukee where water was mixed in with the gasoline.

Bags now cover the pumps at the station at 23rd and Fond du Lac because the state says they have to close until the problem is fixed.

Officials believe rainwater leaked into the gas tanks because of faulty seals. The station owner’s insurance agent says the pumps are newer and this issue has never happened before. However, the problem has caused some major headaches for people who filled up at the gas station. They’re now saddled with repair bill costs that climb into the thousands.

“First of all, it’s their property. They’re supposed to make sure everything is good because at the end of the day they’re responsible for what happens on their property. The day I came, it was raining. It was snow and everything but that’s not my fault. That’s ya’ll fault,” said Danielle Clinton, whose car was damaged by diluted gas.

The gas station owner says they expect the leaks to be fixed in the next couple days and says they have refunded some drivers for the gas.

Car owners who had problems after filling up at the station can file a claim with the station’s insurance company.

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