Washington County to reopen to full capacity

WASHINGTON COUNTY,  Wis. (CBS 58) -- Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann issued a statement Thursday, March 18, announcing the county will reopen to full capacity and "return to live as we have long known it." 

Schoemann said he directed the Washington and Ozaukee Public Health Department (WOPHD) to assist in reopening of churches, businesses, civic organizations, schools and more. 

"It is with measured optimism and a hopeful spirit that today I announce and acknowledge the people of Washington County have begun a new phase of this COVID journey. This new phase is best characterized as a movement toward a full return to life as we have long known it, free from government restrictions and recommendations, and renewed in our commitment to fully embracing personal responsibility and individual liberty with love for our neighbor," Schoemann said in part. 

The release says, WOPHD will continue to support the community by providing testing and access to vaccine. WOPHD will continue to assist in reopening by providing recommendations to community members, businesses, civic and community organizations who feel so compelled to seek such guidance

"While the needs of public health, at the onset of a novel virus, took on additional weight and attention; so now, as the vaccine and mitigation strategies force the virus to recede, we must recalibrate to fully restore balance with economic, mental, spiritual, and social health needs that have been exacerbated by COVID-19... We are here to serve you, the people of Washington County, not to tell you how to live and operate. As we move forward restoring Our Great Community, follow your conscience out of love for your neighbor and with personal responsibility," said Schoemann in the release. 

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