Washington County Man Finds Home-Made Explosive Device on Road and Drives it to Work

A Washington County man found a home made explosive device on the side of the road, drove it to his work and then called police.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received and responded to a report of a suspicious and possibly explosive device found on a rural Town of Addison Road on Thursday morning.

Upon deputies’ arrival, they found that an Addison resident had found a home- made explosive on a nearby road and retrieved the object and drove it to his work place where authorities responded and examined the device.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and members of their bomb disposal unit responded to the call.

After Milwaukee County Deputies examined the object, they made the object safe, moving and dismantling it in a safe area.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the make-up and content of approximately one quarter pound of explosive material was deemed to be extremely dangerous too not only the builder of the device, but anyone within proximity of the device upon detonation, with the potential of death or substantial injury to anyone in the area. 

Washington County authorities ask and encourage its citizens to stay away from, avoid any handling of or the transportation of any type of suspicious package or potential explosive material they may encounter or observe and immediately call 911.

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