Warmest in 70 Days!

Temperatures today, Saturday, March 7th reached the middle 40s with an official high temperature at Mitchell International Airport of 46º. People all around southeast Wisconsin were out and about running, cleaning up the ice & snow and otherwise taking advantage of the warm air. 


The last time we had temperatures this warm was at the end of December when we had a 50º day to end 2014. The average temperature is only 39º so today was also the first above average day for quite some time.


The question is will it last? And the answer is a resounding yes!! The coldest temperature on the 10 day is currently Sunday, tomorrow, with a high of 38º, otherwise high temperatures reach the lower and middle 40s. Still some questions as to whether or not we can make a run for 50º during the middle of the week. If we reach 50º it will likely happen on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. On these days we will likely have an easterly wind which will make it a little cooler by the lake with warmer temperatures inland so it will easier to reach the 50s for some of our inland counties than Milwaukee itself. 

With moderate confidence we can now say that we have pushed past the coldest period in the first half of 2015. Enjoy!

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