Warm Weather Doesn't Stop Winter Fun in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Normally it's still cold around this time and some people like to ski. The warm weekend didn't stop people from still heading out for some winter fun.

While some folks enjoyed some fun in the sun by the lakefront, others said the weather was perfect for hitting the slopes.

With temps almost hitting the 60s in Washington County this weekend, many people took advantage of Sunburst Winter Park.

"I think in Wisconsin, winter is definitely a cruel season for a lot of people. This winter hasn't been unusually cold. We haven't gotten a whole lot of snow, so I don't think people are ready for winter to be over," said Jeffrey Delray, manager at Sunburst Winter Park.

Sunburst's manager says hundreds of people stopped by throughout the day, for their annual Winterfest, which they still put on in spite of the warm day.

"Our tubing facility has been nonstop packed all day long. Along with the skiers and snowboarders that come out as well," said Delray. 

Some said the winter warm-up meant that the snow was just right.

"We came here because it's very fun to snowboard and we really like it and today was a nice day, it was really nice out," said Forest Olsen, a visitor.

Many people decided to enjoy the winter fun well into the night.

"The beach sounds great, but a little cold, so I choose the snow," said visitor Kinsey Thompson.

The park says they plan to remain open until around mid-march. Even if we don't see much snow the rest of the season, they have machines ready to make man-made snow so people can enjoy what they have to offer. 

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