Walworth County sheriff's deputy facing charges of sexual assault, child enticement, stalking and more

NOW: Walworth County sheriff’s deputy facing charges of sexual assault, child enticement, stalking and more

WALWORTH COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Walworth County Sheriff's Department deputy is facing several counts of second and third degree sexual assault, child enticement, stalking, and more. 

Walworth County Sheriff Picknell says 36-year-old Gerardo Baca was hired in January of 2017. The incidents allegedly occurred over a year ago.

Thursday, March 3, Baca was taken into custody. Baca's appeared in court for the first time Friday, March 4. He resigned the same day. 

In total, Baca is facing 19 charges, according to court records. 

  • 3rd degree sexual assault (3 counts) 
  • 2nd degree sexual assault-intoxicated victim (7 counts) 
  • Threats to communicate derogatory info (2 counts) 
  • Capture an intimate representation (3 counts) 
  • Attempted 3rd degree sexual assault
  • Child enticement-expose sex organ 
  • Stalking
  • Capture an image of nudity 

According to the criminal complaint, Baca had sex with multiple victims who were drunk. Detectives found a video dating back to January 2020 of Baca recording sexual activity with a woman at his home. During the video, the victim continues to say "I can't do it". The woman's speech is slurred. She told police she didn't remember having sex with Baca. 

"Some of the allegations are he assaulted the victims while they were incapacitated by alcohol and unable to defend themselves or protect themselves in any matter," Sue Opper said. Opper is the Waukesha County District Attorney. 

Saturday, May 23 2020, Baca and others went out for drinks. The criminal complaint says the victim told Baca she did not want to drive home. Baca suggested to "sober up at his house". The victim said she went to sleep and she woke up to her pants off and Baca on top of her.

"These are very substantial charges that carry substantial penalties," Walworth Commissioner Peter Navis said. 

The state was concerned Baca would be a flight risk which is why a case bone was set.  Baca's defense asked for a signature bond instead, but it was denied. 

"He has absolutely no criminal history, he has a life he's worked hard for and worked hard to build and now facing that fact of it being torn down with the allegations, he's not going to flee," Nathan Otis said. He is the criminal defense attorney.

Baca is not allowed to have any contact with witnesses or victims. Baca' cash bail is set at $500.000. 

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a full internal investigation and says they are cooperating fully. 

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department would like to speak with any potential victims who were involved with Gerardo Baca. If you or someone you know has had contact with Baca, please contact Waukesha County Sheriff Detective Aaron Hoppe at 262-896-8143 or Waukesha County Sheriff Detective Jack Kopatich at 262-896-8140.

In a statement, Sheriff Picknell said, "The Walworth County Sheriff's Office is a very good agency with great people. I take this matter seriously and we continue to serve the mission of public safety."

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