Walmart Employees in Milwaukee Receive a Share of $157 Million in Cash Bonuses

Walmart gave 3,100 associates in Milwaukee cash bonuses.

The bonuses, along with an annual pay raise, were included in their March 9 paycheck.

Walmart announced that more than 850,000 Walmart associates in the U.S., including in Milwaukee, will receive a share of more than $157 million in cash bonuses based on their stores’ performance in the fourth quarter.

“The hard work and dedication consistently demonstrated by our associates has allowed our 
entire company to succeed,” said Todd Peterson, Walmart regional manager. “We are proud to award more than $3.1 million in bonuses to associates across the state in recognition of their exemplary commitment to our customers and our company.”

During 2016, Walmart launched new training programs for entry-level associates, frontline supervisors, department managers and assistant managers, creating clearer career paths and preparing them to succeed in a new, technology-enabled age of retail.

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