Walker Tours Center for Domestic Violence Victims

Governor Walker got his first look at the new Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee on Thursday.

He was joined by several donors and supporters.

Much of the new facility is still under construction.

It's one of the first centers in the country to be a full-service facility for domestic violence victims.

Victims and their children will be able to live there access schools, counseling, legal, and other services all under one roof.

Governor Walker said with October as Domestic Violence Awareness month, the new center makes a big statement.

"Why we're here today and why we wanted to highlight what is happening here with this great new building is to let people know, first and foremost that there's help, there's assistance, this is something that's not to be hushed about, but to be talked about openly,” said Walker.

The new center will open, some time next year.

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