Walker Targets Unions For Federal Workers

His poll numbers have been dropping for weeks, and on Monday, Gov. Scott Walker attempted to lift his presidential campaign by announcing "day one" plans to target unions if he becomes America's next president.

"On day one", said Walker at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, "I'm gonna stop the big government union bosses from taking money out of the paychecks of federal workers for union dues that's spent on political purposes.  No worker should pay for something they don't support."

Walker also announced that if elected, he would shut down the National Labor Relations Board, which investigates unfair labor practices.

The Wisconsin Governor has often talked on the campaign trail about his political clashes with organized labor in his home state, citing his successful fight to pass Act 1, a measure that reduced the power of state employee unions in 2011.  

Wisconsin's AFL-CIO issued a statement in reaction to Walker's union plans Monday.  

It read, "Gov. Walker must have forgotten that unions build the middle class and lift millions of workers out of poverty.  This is union-busting at the national level."

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