Waiting for a drastic drop in the Milwaukee River

NOW: Waiting for a drastic drop in the Milwaukee River

(Thiensville)--At first glance it’s a very peaceful setting in Thiensville.  The Milwaukee River paints a beautiful backdrop. Until you realize how swollen the body of water really is. It’s a foot above flood stage.  About 12 feet. It’s come down a bit since Wednesday evening. But a crest is expected on Friday, at least a half foot higher.  A steady decline into the holiday weekend would be better though.

Photojournalist Karoline Bakemeyer took some before and after shots from the same spot on the river. Some from two years ago. Some from today. And you can clearly tell how extreme the level is.  But you don’t need any proof to know the river is high. People are really taking notice.

So many here in Thiensville say flooding in the village used to be much worse before a channelization project centered around Pigeon Creek occurred over the last decade or so. By the way, the Milwaukee River is expected to be below flood stage sometime on Sunday.

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