Voters hold rally protesting purged registrations

NOW: Voters hold rally protesting purged registrations


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People in Milwaukee are voicing their concerns about the 234,000 voter registrations that were tossed out by a judge.

A passionate group of nearly 100 people including workers from SEIU, Fight for $15, and other Milwaukee organizations, rallied at City Hall.

The protest was in response to an Ozaukee judge ruling the voter registrations ineligible.

Experts say those voters mostly live in the cities of Milwaukee and Madison and are likely minorities.

During the rally, people expressed their frustrations. “We got folks out there who think their vote doesn’t count, but if it doesn’t count, why are people working so hard to take it away from you?!”

CBS 58 also spoke with Neil Albrecht, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission. “This is our busier election cycle,” he said. “This is a very unfortunate time in terms of the integrity of those elections to be wrongfully inactivating the registration status of voters in this state.”

Rally organizers say they plan to continue holding similar efforts to get the word out to those affected.

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