Voters Face New Requirements At The Polls

Tuesday marks Primary Election Day across the Badger State. 

And after years of court battles, it is officially a requirement for voters in Wisconsin to show their IDs to cast their ballots. 

CBS 58 visited several polling locations early Tuesday morning to check on how the new rules were affecting voters.

"It's fine with me, a little more trouble going through my purse, but you know that's about it," explained voter Cathleen O’Donnell.

Volunteers at the Ryan Mary YMCA, Cass School, and South Shore Park Pavilion said they hadn’t run into any problems with voters and ID’s. They say most people seemed aware of the requirement.

Volunteers say they credit plenty of community education and awareness about the Photo ID law. 

Election officials also began using new voting machines, and as of 11am, no issues were reported.

Polls close at 8pm Tuesday night.

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