Volunteers debating future of Milwaukee Streetcar petition

MILWAUKEE-- A group petitioning to put Milwaukee's Streetcar project on the ballot could push back their deadline.      

Their goal was to collect 35,000 signatures by March 5th.

Right now, they're about 10,000 signatures short.

A few options on the table-- tossing out signatures from the first week, and making a big push to meet the deficit or starting over again in May.

Chris Kliesmet with the group Citizens for Responsible Government says the weather has taken a toll on their effort.

\"Particularly, during several weeks the weather killed us, when it's single digits and significantly below freezing, you're not going to get people in the streets collecting signatures, it just doesn't happen,\" said Kliesmet.

Petition drive volunteers met tonight to discuss their options.

Kliesmet emphasizes petitions don't need to have hard deadlines, the signatures just need to be from a consecutive 60-day period.

Citizens for Responsible Government will announce their plan moving forward tomorrow morning.   

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