Virtual Reality Added to Six Flags Great American Virtual Reality

Six Flags Great America is bringing Virtual Reality to its number one roller coaster, the Raging Bull. This addition makes it the first hyper-twister Virtual Reality ride experience in the world. Using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, riders will be transported into a virtual world, seamlessly blending the motion of the ride with intense, immersive visuals.

“Raging Bull combines a 20 story drop, speed and intense twisting track configurations to make it the most popular roller coaster in our park,” said Hank Salemi, park president. “By adding this Virtual Reality experience, guests will be thrilled by this coaster in an entirely different world. It will be the most amazing and creative ride event we’ve ever debuted – we just keep innovating to give our guests the best theme park experience in the world.”

Riders of the Raging Bull ride will experience a dramatic 202-foot lift hill with a 65-degree first drop, speeds over 70 mph, tight and intense twists and turns, six “inclined loops” – steep, high-speed turns banked as much as 50 degrees (or, loops lying horizontally), and towering hills and airtime drops through nearly one mile of track.

The world’s first Virtual Reality hyper-twister roller coaster will debut later this summer with 2016 season pass holders as the first riders.

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