Village of Mukwonago plans to relocate beavers to prevent flooding

NOW: Village of Mukwonago plans to relocate beavers to prevent flooding

MUKWONAGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Village of Mukwonago plans to move a colony of beavers so they can remove a dam that is causing flooding in surrounding areas. 

Water from the creek has been spilling into the wetlands and moving towards storm water ponds near W Wolf Run and Maple Run. 

“When flood water enters in the storm water ponds and it forces the water out over the top due to flooding. Then, you will have contaminated water entering into the Mukwonago and Fox River system," said John Weidl, village administrator. 

The village estimates there are about six beavers in the dam and last week the village approved a solution to get rid of them.

The options were to relocate or lethally remove them. 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommended lethal removal for the health of the animals themselves. 

“We do not recommend relocation for any wild animal. Generally, if you relocate an animal you're moving them to an area they are not accustomed to and they have a higher chance of dying in that area," said Dianne Robinson, wildlife biologist. 

But in the last few days, about a dozen of people throughout southeastern Wisconsin have offered their private land to move the beavers to. 

"We understand the challenges and we've talked to the DNR and we understand their concerns. At this point, we feel like the best options for us are to relocate these animals," said Weidl. 

This week, the village's department of public works will be working to find a trapper and meet with those who offered their land to see if it's a suitable for the beavers. Weidl said the village will continue to work with the DNR so they can come to a solution that's good for everyone as well as the animals. 

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