Vigil Tonight for Laylah Petersen

Today marks one year since 5-year old Laylah Petersen was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap.  Police said the shooters targeted the wrong house trying to avenge an earlier shooting death.  Tonight the community will honor Laylah during a prayer vigil at Lady of Good Hope church.  

The vigil starts tonight at 5:45 PM and the public is invited.

Petersen's family will be here tonight.

David Ade spoke to one of the pastors who will lead the vigil and he tells me the biggest thing Petersen's family wants is for Laylah's legacy to live on in Milwaukee. 

He said Laylah's death was a wake up call to Milwaukee and helped spark a lot of effort to stop violence..

He said Petersen's family is grateful police found the little girl's suspected killers, but also said her family had a difficult time with the recent court hearings.

A $250,000 bond was set for Arlis Gordon. Gordon was suspected triggerman who fired the rounds into the wrong home which killed laylah.

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