Vigil Held for Trevion Winningham Who Died of Neglect and Abuse

Police blame his cousin and a jail house acquaintance she was living with for the horrible death of Trevion Winningham.

He was just 7 years old.

While the cases against both women and two men, who police say did nothing to stop the abuse and neglect, family and friends are trying to make sure another tragedy like this never happens.

His mother who lives out of state and left her son and his brother in the care of a relative has released a photo to remind the public of just how precious children are.

The local group "Guardians of the Children" organized the vigil for Wednesday not to far from the home where neighbors tell CBS 58 they had no idea what was going on.

Mary Martinez and Etter Hughes have been charged for killing the boy after prolonged abuse and abusing his 9-year-old brother.

At last report, the 9-year-old is still in the hospital for abuse and severe malnutrition.

"To hear about a child going like that, it's heartbreaking," said Demetrius Jones.

Jones places a candle at a growing memorial for Trevion.

"I didn't know him, but no child should have to suffer through this," said Jones.

Demetrius's sister, Latoya, encourages children to speak up, and says the neighborhood would have helped. 

"If the little boy was in trouble he should have told another child, and another child should have told their parents, and something could have been done," said Latoya Jones.

Trevion and his brother would play with Latoya's 11-year-old son who couldn't handle the news.

"He cried. My son is very sensitive so he's like, 'Mommy I like the little boy. I don't know why they did him like this,'" said Latoya Jones.

Members of Guardians of the Children say they plan to attend the court proceedings against the accused.

They say it is a community obligation, that you didn't need to know Trevion to know he needs a voice and justice.

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