Video shows man rush to stop runaway stroller with baby right before it rolls into busy street

By Michelle Fisher

    HESPERIA, California (KABC) -- A good Samaritan is being hailed a hero after dramatic video captured the moment he rushed to save a stroller carrying a baby that nearly rolled into a busy street.

The frightening incident happened around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in front of the A1 Carwash on Bear Valley Road in Hesperia.

Ronald Nessman said he was there with his sister Donna. He had just wrapped up a job interview at a nearby Applebee's

"I came from the interview, my sister said, 'I want to get a car wash,' and I said, 'Look at the way I'm dressed ... tie on, slacks, let me go change,' and she goes, 'No one is going to see you.'"

Little did she know everyone would see Nessman as his heroic actions captured on video have gone viral.

In the video, you can see the stroller start to roll backwards as the woman caring for the baby is facing into her car.

The woman noticed the stroller rolling away and began to run after it, but instead makes a hard fall. She then tries to get up before unfortunately falling again.

That's when Nessman leaps into action and runs straight toward the stroller.

"The wind was blowing so hard, by the time I got to it, it was at the top of that driveway," he recalled. "I noticed the stroller was going toward traffic. I instinctively ran toward the stroller and got it before it went into traffic."

Nessman saved the baby from incoming traffic and immediately helped the woman after.

"She was traumatized, she was crying, she was just in shock," he said. "That's why I gave her a hug."

Meanwhile, many people who have shared the video online have been calling Nessman a hero, but he isn't asking for praise.

Instead, he wants a second chance. Nessman was once homeless and recently moved in with his sister. He's also endured the painful loss of his partner.

"My girlfriend passed away in 2018, it was very traumatic for me," he said. "After she passed away, I didn't feel like doing anything."

He's grateful to have been there at the right moment - and maybe this is a sign that a better future lies ahead.

"If you want something different, you're going to do something different, and today, I want something different out of life," said Nessman.

The hero said he has experience in truck driving and is still looking for a job.

No word yet on the identity of the woman or baby in the video. It is not clear if the woman suffered any injuries.

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