Video shows Jaguar soaring through Muskego parking lot during crash

NOW: Video shows Jaguar soaring through Muskego parking lot during crash

Witnesses say two people were hospitalized following a wild crash caught on Camera Saturday.

It happened just outside Muskego at the intersection of Janesville Rd and Tess Corners Dr.

Michael Kau owns Tess Corners Automotive and heard the crash happen.

“I was inside the shop working on a car and I heard a bang. I assumed it was just thunder coming through,” he says. “I looked outside and saw a big cloud of smoke and that’s when I saw the car in the ditch.”

Witnesses believe that car was going more than 60mph when it lost control, and struck a rock in front of Kau’s property.

“The rock shot the car up like a stuntman, just shot the car up airborne,” he says. “They probably had a good four feet of air under the car, so he got pretty high at that rate of speed.”

Muskego Police have not released any details about the crash, or the conditions of the driver and passenger.

The car was towed to Frey’s Automotive by JJ Frey.

“It was a really nice car,” said Frey. “But not anymore. It’s completely totaled, that’s for sure.”

But while the car may be a loss, witnesses say the crash could have been much worse. The car miraculously landed on 4 wheels and stuck in the ditch without rolling.

“I think if the car had gone into a roll, if that fence hadn’t been there, if he hadn’t hit the rock the way he did, he would have been ejected out of the car,” says Kau. “

“If it hadn’t landed back on the wheels, those people would have probably been dead,” says Frey.

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