Video shows customer attacking 16-year-old Germantown Cracker Barrel employee

NOW: Video shows customer attacking 16-year-old Germantown Cracker Barrel employee

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) – Germantown Police are hoping newly released video of a brawl at Cracker Barrel nearly a month ago will help them find their suspect.

"Went the wrong way, escalated, and that's when the fight broke out," said Lieutenant Todd Grenier with the Germantown Police Department.

On Halloween night, a customer took down a teenage worker at the Germantown Cracker Barrel. It started in the dining area of the restaurant when a man and a woman started shouting homophobic slurs at their server. The manager tried to intervene, bringing them into the store area of the restaurant.

"Tried to make it right and try to make them feel better and everything and it just escalated from there," Lt. Grenier said.

That's when a 16-year-old dishwasher came in to help calm the situation. In the video, the man can be seen moving the woman, who's holding a baby carrier, out of the way.

"He does kind of direct her towards the door and then immediately after that he throws the punch. So obviously he had it in his mind what was going to happen," said Lt. Grenier.

The man swings the first punch and then it turns into a full-blown brawl in the store. The women run out, one coming back to break up the fight, leaving hundreds of dollars in damages.

"It was just a poor way to react to a real simple situation," said Lt. Grenier.

Police are having a hard time identifying the suspect. Lieutenant Grenier says he left in a gray Mazda 3. If you recognize the suspect you're asked to call police.

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