Video Posted to Teenager's Facebook Account of Holding Stolen Dealership Keys

Two Milwaukee teenagers have been charged with two counts of burglary as party to a crime for their alleged roles in the thefts of cars from two dealerships in Milwaukee. 
One of the teen's allegedly posted on his Facebook page a video of him riding in a vehicle, holding money and car keys with dealer tags still attached.  
Integrity Auto Sales and Repairs Thefts:
Terry Moorehead and Charles Rogers were charged in connection to the thefts at Integrity Auto Sales and Repair and Van Horn Latino Auto Sales. 
Six vehicles and $9400 was taken from Integrity Auto Sales and Repair on October 24. 
The dealership had a surveillance video that showed six people exit a van around 12:50 AM and take six cars off the lot. 
Four suspects are seen coming back to the lot where they rifled through file cabinets and then fled on foot from the business. 
During interrogation, Rogers denied taking any money from Integrity Dealership. He said instead he was inside looking for more keys. 
A tipster told Milwaukee Police one of the suspects went by the nickname Fat Daddy. 
Van Horn Latino Sales Thefts:
Two cars were reported stolen on October 25 from Van Horn Latino Auto Sales. A security guard told police he noticed a north overhead service door open at 1:30 AM.  He then witnessed two Camaros crash through the glass showroom doors and then drive through a metal gate. The car was later discovered and latent finger prints were lifted from the exterior of the car. Those prints matched Terry Moorehead.
Moorhead's Interrogation:
Moorehead told police during interrogation two women named Deja Nay and Pootie picked him up along with a Contrel Vaughn. Moorehead said Rogers and several others were, also, in the car.  Moorehead fell asleep, and when he woke up they were at Integrity. Moorehead admitted to drive one of the cars off the lot. 
Moorehead allegedly admitted to went to Van Horn lot on October 25  with the group. 
Moorehead said his group was not the only group stealing cars from Van Horn's lot. He told police his cousin, who had been killed while fleeing from police, also stole cares from the dealership with separate group. 
Rogers' Interrogation:
Rogers denied knowing Moorehead that well. Rogers went on to deny being in the first group that robbed Integrity lot. He said he was in the group that went back to the lot. 
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