Veterinary Clinic Takes Stand Against Declawing Cats

KENTUCKY - A veterinary clinic in Lexington Kentucky has decided to stop declawing cats.

Clay Mills Veterinary Clinic took to social media to share their stance which has since gone viral.

The Facebook post reads in part, "We know this is a controversial topic. As veterinarians, we have been trained to do this procedure, we have done it for years very well, and with much pain medicine. We have all owned declawed cats ourselves. This is not a condemnation of people with declawed cats; we've had them, too."

The post went on to say that they made their decision based on several things. For one, numbers showed that declawed cats don't stay in their homes more than non-declawed cats. According to Clays Mill, when areas have stopped declawing, the number of surrendered cats actually dropped. 

Clays Mill also stated the procedure is very painful and there are alternative and more humane ways to stop cats from clawing. 

To see their tips for ways to keep cats from scratching, click here.

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