Veterans gather for 4th of July picnic

NOW: Veterans gather for 4th of July picnic

The Fourth of July reminds us once again of the men and women who've fought for our independence.

On Tuesday, the VA center in Milwaukee held its annual picnic for veterans.

"My heart feels about this big and to hear the music this is our music,” said Sue Winscher.

This holiday is special for all veterans including Mike Miller who served during the Vietnam era.

"The comradery is what actually keeps us alive,” said Miller.

He said it's important to celebrate what we have because he didn't get the "thank yous" then that he gets today.

"The turnaround with people being more patriotic, it's a good thing that people are now honoring veterans,’ said Miller.

But some veterans said our society still has a long way to go.

"They are still looked down on. A lot of them who fought during the war are still looked down on. They are not doing this because they have to, they are doing it because they choose to,” said Winscher.

These veterans and their families are taking part in the fun activities that come with the Fourth of July including music and food. There was a live performance from Janet Plant and Mayor Tom Barrett stopped by. 

Organizers said this event would not be possible without the help from volunteers. 


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