Variety of activist groups push to be heard outside Biden town hall

NOW: Variety of activist groups push to be heard outside Biden town hall

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Outside of the town hall, scores of people gathered to raise attention to their causes.

They included pushing for a $15 minimum wage, to pressuring Myanmar's military government -- protesters came from all over.

One put it really succinctly, the president's job is to listen, and from the sidewalk, President Joe Biden has a lot of groups trying to bend his ear.

Some came singing a Burmese protest anthem, others chanted to stop a pipeline.

"If you're president, trying to listen to all these voices is part of the job description," said Water Keeper Andy Pearson.

Activists from all different groups converged on Milwaukee to catch the president's ear.

"Help us restore democracy in Burma and take responsibility from the military leaders," said Ronald Nunuk.

"I'm gonna fight for $15 an hour, I'm gonna fight against injustice, I'm going to fight bullies," said Erica Hunt.

"It's not just that I'm good, I'm essential to this country," said Eduardo Perea.

Their various causes represent the diversity of issues important to the left, and they're all hoping for the same thing.

"President Biden is the person we believe that's going to deliver on that," said Milwaukee area Service and Hospitality Union President Peter Rickman.

The activists came from out of state as well as across the city. Some told us they just wanted to catch a glimpse of the president in person.

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