Van plows into Milwaukee resident's front yard in south side

NOW: Van plows into Milwaukee resident’s front yard in south side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A hit-and-run driver leaves a massive mess for a resident on Milwaukee’s south side. Milwaukee Police say the driver crashed into the woman’s front lawn near Greenfield and 9th before he fled on foot.

A van crashed into the resident’s fence and knocked over their porch railing. A nearby neighbor, Moises Sianez, heard the crash from his home Tuesday afternoon.

“I heard a big impact,” Sianez said. “It sounded like a big boom, which I got scared of so I ran outside to see what happened.”

Sianez said he saw the man who crashed the van run away. Sianez also saw someone else who was standing on the sidewalk near the crash and rushed over to see if he was OK.

“He said, he was about to kill me with that crash he did,” Sianez said.

Jane Wiorek lives in the home and came back from work Tuesday to see the damage to her fence and walkway.

“I was angry, I was like not again. You know how many more things are going to happen?” Wiorek said.

Wiorek says her back fence and garage was also damaged by another reckless driver months ago. She says her garage has been shot at and had graffiti sprayed over it too. She said crashes like Tuesday's happen far too often in the area.

“You have to be careful when you're driving around this neighborhood because people just don't have any consideration for others, laws of the road or anything like that,” Wiorek said.

If you have any information, contact police.

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