UWM says it can't discipline student in racist, homophobic video

NOW: UWM says it can’t discipline student in racist, homophobic video

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has completed its investigation into an extremely offensive video shared among students. 

The video shows a student using racial and anti-gay slurs. 

In a message to students Friday, Sept. 17, the dean of students said the video was made prior to the student enrolling at UWM, and the school has no power to discipline a student for actions prior to enrolling at UWM.

The video was also posted by a third party, not the student involved. 

"it shouldn't happen, regardless of where it happened, regardless of who took the video, who posted the video, she said it," Malaysia Stewart said. She is a freshman at the university.

"If they don't tolerate it they need to really show they don't tolerate it," Nadia Reed said.

The students held a protest on campus Friday afternoon in response to the school's decision. 

"UMW advertises this idea of acceptance and diversity on campus and to see them not take action towards an individual who was actively hating on the LGBTQ plus community is disheartening," Joe Klockenkemper said.

Darius Hayes is the Black Student Union President. He says this is the last straw.

"We're going to make sure if this does happen again that the university holds these students accountable," Hayes said.

The message to students also says the student has decided to leave on-campus housing and withdraw from in-person classes. 

Read the entire message below:

I would like to thank our campus community for your patience as we reviewed all relevant information regarding the concerning videos that came to our attention on Monday. The racist and bigoted statements in those videos are reprehensible, and we moved as swiftly as possible to investigate them. I am deeply saddened that the incident has hurt members of our community. Many of you have asked for an update, so I would like to share the outcome.

UWM has gathered as much information as possible about the videos, which included interviewing witnesses and those with direct information. Based on the information provided, UWM has determined that the videos were created, and statements were made, before the student was registered for courses at UWM. We also determined that the student did not post the videos herself; they were initially shared on social media by a third party. The UWM student code of conduct only applies to misconduct that occurs when the student is registered for study at UWM. While we don’t have the authority to discipline conduct that occurred when an individual is not an enrolled student, the individual in question has decided to leave on-campus housing, and to withdraw from in-person courses.

I encourage students to reach out to me with questions or concerns.

-Adam Jussel, Dean of Students
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